The Twenty Twenty Grill Could Be the Best Restaurant in Boca

This should come as no surprise to the locals, but for any out-of-towners, people new to the area or even if you’ve just been too busy to take advantage of the nightlife, there is one restaurant that stands above all the others.

The Twenty Twenty Grille is amazing.

This is not to put down the other restaurants in the area, there are many of incredible quality and spirit, however, there’s something else that’s happening at this restaurant. It seems to be beyond the limitations of preference or personal taste. With the trifecta of food, atmosphere and service, anyone who has experienced it would agree that they could charge a lot more than what they do.

Smoked Durac Pork Belly saddled next to a kimchi pancake, chili ginger glaze and candied house cured bacon. I would have felt nervous eating this because I was so unfamiliar with it, but the atmosphere was so welcoming, I felt right at home, but still adventurous like I was starting a new book.

This leader in modern American cuisine proves that quality of this level is no accident. After Chef Ron Weisheit won several gold medals in the German Culinary Olympics, he and his exceptionally talented wife carried their skills to a charming town just outside Boston where he and his wife owned and operated Pralines Bakeshop and Catering. That little gem was featured in the “Best of Boston” as well as on Cupcake Wars, but it seems that Boca Raton won the prize.

An Alabama Wild Boar Chop served grilled after being brined in Cider and Ginger, presented with foraged mushroom ragout, broccoli, white bean puree, and an apple/cranberry relish. The sensations that occur on your taste buds surge into your blood, overwhelming the body as you feel the full richness of this unforgettable piece of americana.

This man came to our table, introduced himself and began telling us about each bite of food, knowing the precise history, the origins and then told us what he had done with these ingredients in an affable, simple way, neglecting to point out that likely no one had ever done what he had just done or at least not in the way that he did. To mention him without her would be criminal as they are clearly a point-counterpoint system, differing only as much as the left hand differs from the right. It’s deceptive, their friendly way about them, because it’s clear that their strive for perfection in their work and ruinous battle for delivery has made them into iron.

Pumpkin Toffee Pudding Cake with golden raisins, toffee sauce and sizzled with orange zest; all touched with Grand Marnier Creme Anglaise. This complex structure of tastes and layers of flavor validate any suggestion or claim that what you are eating is an art form, paralleled to an architecture of the senses, bringing you to an all new place using elements that you’ve had a thousand times before. This is a restaurant that doesn’t try to impress you with some unknowable piece of obscurity, this is a boutique of culture taking the best pieces of history and reinventing them to create a new classic.

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