Twenty Twenty Grille Gets a New Online Look

Anytime I am asked about a restaurant recommendation, I always say the same place.

Twenty Twenty Grille is my favorite restaurant I have ever been to. Admittedly, I don’t know much about food. I can cook a decent steak and asparagus and sweet potatoes, but that’s not rocket science.

My palate is nothing to brag about, but I know when something tastes good. The food at Twenty Twenty Grille flat out tastes good.

A few months ago, a previous writer wrote an honest review of what he thought about the restaurant, but today I’m here to talk about something a little more in my realm of understanding.

I’m here to talk about their new website.

Highlighting the look and feel

Being the owner of an online agency, I have a real passion for websites. For some reason, restaurants never think it is important for them to have an online presence, but that is far from the truth. It drives me nuts.

Just take a look at the new website from Twenty Twenty Grille. Within a matter of seconds, you have a good understanding of what the dishes will look like and you can almost imagine how they will smell. You get to see the dishes and you start to get to know the chef and the elements that make this restaurant You actually start to build a relationship with the people who will be cooking your food and creating your dining experience.

Browse the Menu

Imagine it’s Friday night. You and your significant other are scrolling on your phones looking for a place to eat out for the night.

Don’t you think you will want to look over some menus?

It has always been puzzling to me why restaurants don’t highlight their menu and display it openly on their website. It is the one piece of information that people are most likely going to be looking for.

When you get to the Twenty Twenty Grille website, you have easy access to the menu. The dishes are laid out clearly and the ingredients are simple enough for me to read and understand. Most people don’t care about every single ingredient in their food, they just want to imagine what something will taste like through words.

It’s very effective and yet so few local restaurants take advantage of this simple and easy strategy.

Get in there and see for yourself

Believe it or not, this isn’t a promotional piece. The truth is there wasn’t much news in our area today and I needed to find something to write about.

I wanted to find something interesting in the restaurant world and the fact that Twenty Twenty Grille actually took the time to build a nice looking website is impressive to me. If restaurants are serious about bringing in new business and customers through the internet, they should follow the same path.

Make a reservation at this great restaurant and tell them that Boca News sent you.

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